Yuneec Typhoon 4K Review

Yuneec’s Typhoon series has always caught the attention of drone hobbyists. And in the summer of 2015, Yuneec released the Typhoon Q500 4k drone, which blew the doors off of the competition. It boasted a close to 25 minute flight time with a 4k camera and 3 axis stabilized gimbal. Compare that to DJI’s Phantom 3 (released at the same time), which only has a 2.7k camera. Needless to say, it attracted a lot of attention and Yuneec has become a common name among drone flyers. Then, Yuneec stepped up once again with the Typhoon H, which was made available in April of 2016. However, the Typhoon 4k continues to be one of the more popular drones on the market.


The price is really what makes this drone so special. It comes with a price-tag of only 700 dollars (sometimes it goes down to 600 on amazon). Considering that this drone is comparable to DJI’s Mavic Pro ($1,000), you’re getting a real bargain. I think that when it came out, the price on the Typhoon 4k was around 1200, but that’s dropped tremendously since then. Also, in the 600 dollar package, you get the drone, the controller (which has a built-in screen), and 2 batteries (along with some other accessories). The 2 batteries are sure to make a difference; that means you can get around 40 minutes of flight on average. The 600 dollars also buys you a handheld “steadygrip”, which you can attach the gimbal to. It’s a neat add-on, because you can shoot stabilized videos in your hand. I’m really impressed that this drone is such a low price, while maintaining such good quality.


This thing really can fly. With a flight time up to 25 minutes (you should get about 20 on average), and a top speed of about 18 mph, you can fly far and wide with the Typhoon. The flight is smooth and extremely easy to get the hang of. It’s not as fast as the Mavic or Phantom series, but unless you want to film a car or something, 18 mph is fine. It has a follow me function which works pretty well, so that’s nice, but it doesn’t have a ton of smart features. It’s aimed at people who already know how to fly drones, and so smart features aren’t necessary. If you have some experience with drones, this one will be no sweat to learn and master the controls.


The camera is the best thing about this drone, in my opinion. It has a 3-axis mechanically stabilized gimbal, and can shoot 4k video! For a 600 dollar drone, 4k video is very impressive. Plus, the video looks super crisp– far better than the DJI Spark or Parrot Bebop 2. It shoots 4k video at 30 frames per second, but can also shoot 1080p at 120 fps. This means that taking slow-motion videos in 1080p won’t be laggy. The camera on this drone is basically the same exact model as the one on the Blade Chroma drone.

I should also mention that you can buy this drone without a camera on it, but with a mount for your GoPro. This is called the Typhoon G, and it’s about 400 dollars; you can find it if you google it. If you have a GoPro already, that 200 dollars might be worth it, but I would still consider the 600 dollar package, because the camera might be better than a GoPro.


If the drone doesn’t sell you, the controller very well might. It’s called the ST10+ ground station, and it’s maybe one of the best controllers I’ve seen. As you can see from the picture, it’s got joysticks and all the regular features, but also has a built-in screen! That’s so helpful; you don’t have to go through the process of connecting your phone, you’re ready to go right away. Plus, it’s a touchscreen display, so it works just like a phone.


This drone is pretty big. Needless to say, it’s not super portable. It doesn’t fold up or anything fancy like the Mavic Pro, so you’re gonna need a big backpack, or a car to get this thing around. However, the size is a small sacrifice for the great camera and flight.

Closing Thoughts

This is probably my favorite drone under 750 dollars. It boasts tons of features, and is easy to fly as well. If you’re new to drones, you might want to look at something with more smart features (including obstacle avoidance) like the DJI Spark, but for anyone with flying experience, this is a great drone. If you can front some more money, the DJI Mavic has better features, but the Yuneec 4k is pretty great for its price. All in all, Yuneec packed a whole lot of features into this, and you’re sure to be happy with it if you buy it.


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