DJI Mavic Pro Platinum Review

The Platinum is an upgraded Mavic drone, released about a year after the original. It boasts a longer flight time and much quieter flight than the regular Mavic. It also has a sleek new platinum color. I’ll only go over the points in which it differs from the Mavic, but if you want a review of the rest of its features, check out my Mavic Pro Review.


The Platinum comes in at 1100 dollars, 100 more than the Mavic. There’s also a Fly More Combo, just like the Mavic, which comes with an extra battery and accessories, for $1400. I don’t know if it’s worth the extra hundred dollars to get the Platinum, but I guess if noise reduction and flight time are important to you, go for it.


The way the Platinum differs from the original is simply in its flight time and its noise level. The flight time is raised from the original to 30 minutes, a 3-minute increase. I would expect that at normal wind conditions, this number would be more like 25-27 minutes of flight time, but who would complain with that? The other difference is the noise level. They say that the Platinum is 60% quieter than the original Mavic. Now, that is a big difference. When I fire up my Mavic, it is pretty loud, so a 60% difference would be super quiet comparatively. I guess it all depends on what you value, and if you’re willing to pay the extra money for it.

Closing Thoughts

I think the Platinum is a good upgrade on the Mavic, but I personally am waiting for the Mavic 2. Maybe at some point I will buy the Platinum to test it out, but I really don’t mind the flight time and noise on the original. Overall, the Mavic is such a good drone anyway that you can’t go wrong buying this one either.


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