Mavic Pro 2 – Rumors and What to Expect

Mavic Pro 2 – Rumors and What to Expect

Original DJI Mavic Pro

It’s February 26th. The Mavic Air was released about a month ago, and people are loving it. Wouldn’t it be amazing if DJI pulled an audible and released a Mavic Pro 2 soon? Well, from rumors floating around, it might be closer than you’d think. (Note: A lot of the rumors that I’m about to talk about come from, which is a great drone news site and, in the past, they’re pretty accurate when it comes to rumors.)

I’ll just put a list of the things I’d like to see with the Mavic Pro 2, and then I’ll have a list of specs that are rumored to be true. Here’s everything I would want to see on Mavic 2:

  • 4k Camera that can shoot 60 frames per second
  • 3 axis-gimbal (same as the regular Mavic Pro)
  • Obstacle detection on all sides, including above and below the drone.
  • Advanced Pilot Assistance System (APAS), such as on the Mavic Air; this is a system which allows the drone not only to detect obstacles and stop, but to avoid them as well.
  • Same 1000 dollar price point as the Mavic Pro
  • Similar size to the current Mavic Pro, although I expect it will end up being larger.
  • Quickshot modes (preset camera routines that make cinematic shots; the Spark introduced these, and the Mavic Air added some more)
  • 30 minute or more flight time (Current Mavic Pro has 27, Mavic Pro Platinum has 30 minutes)
  • Range of at least 5 miles
  • Top speed of at least 45 mph
  • Palm Control, Gesture mode

I can’t think of much else, but basically if there were a drone that had every single one of those features, it would easily make the top of my Best Drones list.

Now, as for the rumors that we do know, has put together a list. I will put the list below, but here’s a link to the article he has written.

  • The official name will be Mavic Pro II instead of Mavic Pro 2
  • It will be substantially larger than the current Mavic Pro
  • 4820 mAh battery capacity and 15.2 V power (compared with 3830 mAh and 11.4 V for the current Mavic Pro).
  • Different battery design than the current Mavic Pro
  • Upgraded propulsion with larger motors (slightly smaller than current Phantom 4)
  • 33-minute flight time. Maybe longer (current Mavic Pro has 27-minute and Platinum 30-minute flight time).
  • 1″ CMOS sensor (current Mavic Pro has 1/2.3” CMOS sensor) with 28mm lens.
  • Newly designed 3-axis gimbal.
  • Infrared 3D sensing to avoid obstacles even in the dark
  • Binocular rear vision obstacle avoidance sensors.
  • Same design of remote control as old Mavic Pro but drastically improved
  • Will use OcuSync.
  • Video transmission frequency is unknown.
  • Improved agility and precision.
  • Expected to outperform current Phantom 4 Pro.
  • Beta testing of the Mavic Pro II ended late January.
  • Mass production has started already (early Feb) and will not be impacted by Chines New Year.
  • Launch date possibly March 22nd but could be later.
  • The Mavic Pro 2 will be controlled with the DJI GO 4 app just like the current Mavic Pro.
  • Expected price point: $1299 USD or more. The FlyMore combo will be more expensive.

Interestingly, the Mavic Pro II might be a bigger drone than the Mavic Pro 1, even as big as a Phantom, perhaps. But judging by all the power that they will put into it, I think that’s not a bad thing. Also, notice that it’s expected to be released March 22! That’s under a month away….

The Mavic Pro was a beloved drone because it was great for both beginners and professionals. I think DJI is splitting the Mavic into those two categories. On the one hand you have Mavic Air, for beginners (and hobbyists), and then the Mavic Pro II will be a high-quality professional level drone.

In the end, Mavic Pro II will be a great drone, but I think it will be aimed more toward people who are more serious about their film work.

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