DJI is the world’s leader in camera drones; that much is clear. They basically started the industry with the Phantom series, and have continued with innovations, each time adding more and more features. Their drones are known for their ease of use (beginners and professionals can fly them) and their excellent cameras. Also, they developed the DJI Go app, which not only allows you to see what the drone sees, but it allows you to access a number of features like follow me and gesture mode, and you can edit your photos and videos straight from the app. Each drone they make has its own dedicated controller (except the Spark’s, which is sold separately), which makes flying it so much easier.

DJI is based in China, but their products are available in most of the world. Taking into consideration the design, ease of use, and flight of their drones, it’s easy to say that they take the prize for best drone manufacturer. But since the industry is growing, perhaps in a few years another company will dominate.


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