Parrot Disco Review

The Parrot Disco is by far the most unique and odd drone I’ll review on this site (knock on wood). It’s a fixed wing plane with a camera attached to it. Kinda weird! As opposed to a regular quadcopter, the Disco has a propeller in the back that propels it forward at all times; therefore, you can’t stop this thing. Before I get into the review, let me just say that this drone is definitely not for everyone! While its camera is pretty good, it’s a way different flight than a quadcopter, so you won’t be using this for neat and precise video and photo. However, the flight certainly is more like a plane than a quadcopter is, so if you’re into planes, this might give you that pilot feel that you’re looking for.


The pricetag on this drone is pretty reasonable, as are all Parrot products. For the FPV pack (drone, skycontroller, VR goggles), it’s 499 dollars on amazon. On it says there’s an option to buy just the drone, but I can’t see the price on that. Either way, it’s generally cheaper to buy on amazon.


Flight is where the Disco is completely different from any drone on this website. Taking off, you hurl the Disco in the air and it will automatically rise up to a specific altitude and start making circles until you start controlling. Keep in mind that you can’t stop it; it has to keep going to stay in the air, so you’ll never be able to hover like you can with a quadcopter. Also, you need a HUGE space to fly this thing. We’re talking like 4 or 5 football fields with as little obstructions as possible. This is because the Disco can’t make sharp turns, so you really need a lot of room if you want to turn around. Plus, since it can’t stay still, you will want a lot of leeway to ensure you don’t crash.

Now onto the specs. It has an amazing flight time of 45 minutes! That alone pushes it up a few spots on my list. The DJI Phantom 4 Pro only gets about 30, so you get a whole new fifteen minutes. Granted, it’s really not fair to compare the two, since they are totally different. With the skycontroller 2 you are able to get up to a 1.24 mile range. That’s kind of disappointing for me, because if you’ve got 45 minutes to fly, why not take it 3 or 4 miles away? Maybe on their next controller, Parrot will add some range.

The Disco also can get an advertised 50 mph top speed. That’s crazy fast… another reason I wish it had more range. I assume you can get even faster than that if you’re flying with the wind. Overall, the flight is great, but again it’s completely different. Even if you are an experienced quadcopter pilot, this will still be challenging.


The camera on the disco is the same as the Bebop 2. It’s got 14 megapixels, and it’s capable of shooting 1080p video. Plus, it has a 3-axis stabilization system, ensuring smooth footage. Not an amazing camera, but good enough. Besides, I feel like the Disco is aimed more at people who want to fly, not those who want to shoot amazing video.



Like the Bebop 2, the Disco is controlled by the Skycontroller 2. However, I believe you can get another controller and have all the manual controls (I don’t recommend this, as you lose all the automatic assistance features). The skycontroller is laid out just like an Xbox 360 controller, so if you’re a gamer you might appreciate that.


The disco is not a small drone! It’s almost 4 feet long, and almost 2 feet wide. That being said, you’ll need the trunk of your car to take this thing around. The Disco makes even the Phantoms look tiny.

Closing Thoughts

While I can’t see the Disco being a high-quality camera drone, I think that if you’re just looking to have the thrill of flying, it’s probably your best bet. A quadcopter is also very fun to fly, but this has that real-plane feeling, which can’t be imitated by a quad. If you want a quadcopter in the same price range, check out the Parrot Bebop 2 and DJI Spark.


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